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Meeting Pointer is an innovative approach that allows you to increase the effectiveness of any event, focusing in particular on supporting social networking between the participants.

Many of you have probably often wondered about the background of other participants during a conference, trade fair or training event, while trying to surreptitiously read the fine print on their name tags. Taking the first step and initiating a conversation can often be stressful and involve a fear of rejection in case the other person does not want to talk with you or sustain the conversation.

Such a situation can be somewhat embarrassing or spoil your mood. It can also subconsciously affect your perception of the conference or of the environment. You are not alone in that and we have often felt similarly, therefore we have decided to change it!

Basing on our observations and experiences, we have created Meeting Pointer, so that the first step is easy and you can feel confident and have a good time during any event.

Meeting Pointer is dedicated to social networking during meetings and laying foundations for long-term business relationships.

Key features of the application
  • Clear presentation of event on mobile devices
  • Easy to learn and fast user interface
  • Dedicated calendar facilitates social networking
  • Participant search engine
  • Communication between users follows business conduct codes
  • Intuitive search engine for events, companies and participants
  • Briefcase for followed events
  • Portfolio for purchased tickets
  • Possibility of live comments on events
  • Module for submitting queries along with status and reply history
  • Intuitive creation of new event
  • Module for quick registration of participants
  • Quick generation of event brochure
  • Integrated module for ticket generation and registration of payments received
  • Integrated module for participant queries
  • Possibility of creation of dedicated mailing lists
  • Use of reader devices for the registration of conference participants
  • Interactive participant calendar facilitates social networking
  • Reporting module for feedback on conference efficiency and interest in specific panels
  • Intuitive user experience on mobile devices
  • Optimal positioning of conferences in Google search engine


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